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Family Child Care Network
What is a Family Child Care Home Education Network?
The Beanstalk Family Child Care Home Education Network consists of a select group of providers who are self employed, independent contractors. Each provider agrees to enroll children from families who qualify for the sliding fee programs (as established by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division) along with their private clients. Each independent contractor is licensed, maintains liability insurance, determines days and hours of operation, rules for their program, daily schedules, curriculum, services to be provided as well as enrollment of individual children and families. Additionally, Beanstalk staff provides on-going technical assistance, assess and monitor each child’s growth and development, establish individual lesson plans as well as implement enriching curriculum.

Who is eligible?
Licensed and insured family child care providers who offer quality programs that are developmentally appropriate for children, may be interviewed by Beanstalk representatives and considered for the program.

What is the benefit of participating in a Family Childcare Network?

Benefits for the Family Child Care Provider

  • One-on-one consultation and on-going training with Program staff
  • Program planned provider/parent meetings and workshops
  • Monthly newsletters and tips
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  • Beanstalk teachers provide activities for children, model appropriate practices for the provider and continually update resources for the family
  • Resource library
  • Large equipment loan: tables, chairs, play yard equipment, cabinets, etc.
  • Games and toys
  • Consumable materials: art supplies, glue, scissors, paper, paint, etc.
  • Peer support within an established network
  • Reimbursement for naming Beanstalk as "additional" insured on insurance policy
Benefits for the eligible family
  • Licensed and insured providers receive on-going support
  • Affordable childcare in a variety of locations (near home, work or school)
  • Flexible days and hours
  • Variety of childcare providers representing different cultures, languages and ethnic backgrounds and different styles of working with children
  • Parent interviews providers and determines best fit for their child
  • Nurturing home like environments
  • Mixed age groupings, siblings can be cared for together
  • Small group sizes
  • Nutritional meals and snacks, as well as nutrition education
  • Modeling of parent skills, parent education and networking
  • Parent conferences
  • Referral to community resources, follow-up on individual needs

How do I qualify to be in the Family Childcare Network?

Call Beanstalk at (916) 344-6259.

Family Child Care Provider Application
Submit application via email after you
save it to your computer.

FCC Environmental Rating Scale

Infant/Toddler Development Questionnaire

Preschool Development Questionnaire

School Age Development Questionnaire

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How do I find out if I qualify to have my child cared for in a Beanstalk Family Child Care home?
Need help paying for child care?

Sign up with the Beanstalk Waiting List
Call Beanstalk at: (916) 344-6259

Program Goals for Home Providers

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