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Beanstalk center based programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of children. Programs provide experiences that support and enrich children's thinking, language, social/emotional, physical, and creative abilities.

Each program's daily schedule offers opportunities for children to:

  • create and explore the environment

  • learn concepts

  • problem solve

  • develop personal interaction and self-help skills

  • work on small and large muscle development

  • and acquire independence through active experiences with materials and people relevant to their own experiences

Positive self-esteem is fostered through planned activities and adult interaction that is responsive to individual differences in ability and interest. Opportunities are provided for children to decide what they want to do and adults encourage children's learning and help them to expand their knowledge base. Time for solitary play, as well as group activities and indoor/outdoor play is provided. Adaptations are made to accommodate for differing abilities.

Curriculum is implemented to help children learn to value and respect diversity. Celebrations and/or traditions of different countries are often studied. Parents are encouraged to share their own family's cultural traditions. Children are given opportunities to experience materials and activities that reflect the community and the cultures of the families enrolled in the program.

Academics are taught in ways that are appropriate to ages and developmental levels of the children. Kindergarten transition activities are provided for children and parents that allow families to easily move from preschool to the formal setting of elementary school. In school-age programs every attempt is made to connect with school personnel to develop an appropriate enrichment program that blends with the school day curriculum.

Staff serve as facilitator's and positive role models. They provide care that is supportive, nurturing, warm and responsive to children's individual needs. Parents are respected as the primary and most important provider of care for their children. Parents and teachers work together to establish partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

Also see Program Goals in the About Us section of this site.

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